Gyeongju Autumn Foliage One day Tour (From Busan)

February 2021
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  Feb 1
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$ 49

$ 49

★This tour is available on 10/24~11/4

★ Price
KRW 57,000won per adult and child(3~12years old)
* Infant under 36 months are free of charge.

★ Pick up point
Haeundae station Exit 5, Busan KTX Train Station Exit 1(In front of Toyoko Inn), Seomyun Station Exit 12
(you can choose one)

★ Tour Route and Schedule

8:20am Depart from Busan Station Exit 1
8:40am Depart from Seomyeon Station Exit 12
9:20am Depart from Haeundae Station Exit 5
11:00am ~ 1:30pm : Daereungwon Tomb Complex (include lunch time)(Optional Hanbok Rental)
1:30pm ~ 1:40pm : Leave for Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village
1:40pm ~ 2:30pm : Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village
2:30pm ~ 02:50pm : Leave for Bomun Lake Resort
2:50pm~ 5:30pm : Bomun Lake Resort & Aden Cafe.
5:30pm Leave for busan
7:00pm Arrive at Busan Station
7:30pm Arrive at Seomyeon Station
8:20pm Arrive at Haeundae Station

✓ This schedule is for reference only and is subject to traffic conditions of the day.
✓ Please inform us if you will be bring along a baby stroller or wheelchair.
✓ Infant is free of charge, no seat available.
✓ Hanbok rental fee(optional): KRW 20,000

Transportation, English and Chinese-speaking staff, Entrance Fee , Drinks at the cafe (Under 6,500won)

★Booking Process
(1) Make online booking on BnBHero Website.
(2) Send message to the host(Bnbhero Activity) about your information.
Name(1 person) / Pick up point /Country / Email / Contact(Phone number, LINE, WECHAT, KAKAOTALK, WHATSAPP etc.)
(3) Check your email. We will send confirmation email after your booking is done.
(4) Meet the tour staff and show the confirmation email.

Being late or not showing up at the Meeting Point at Meeting Time is considered cancellation and NO REFUND is granted.

★Cancellation policy
3 days before the tour date : 100% refund
2 days before the tour date : Non-refundable


Daereungwon Tomb Complex

Within Daereungwon Tomb Complex is Cheonmachong Tomb (Ancient Tomb No. 155), which was excavated in 1973. Cheonmachong Tomb consists of a wooden coffin placed inside an underground chamber mounded with boulders and earth, characterized as a typical upper class tomb of the Silla period. The mound has a height of 12.7 m with a diameter of 50 m, and consists of a layer of rocks collected from streams. Below the rock layer is a wooden chamber with a length of 6.5 m and a width of 2.1, reaching 2.1 m in height, with the wooden coffin at its center. A total of 11,526 artifacts were discovered within the tomb, including Cheonmado, an artwork considered to be highly valuable as it is Korea's first artwork to be excavated from an ancient tomb.

Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village

Located in Gyeongju-si, Gyeongju Gyochon Village is a hanok village that allows visitors a look inside life of famous the Choi Clan. Visitors can see the House of the Gyeongju Choi Clan (Important Folklore Material No. 27) and try some Gyeongju Gyodong Beopju Liquor (Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 86-3) inside the village.

BnBHero Activity
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