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Rosa B&B House (Room A + B)
place Seogwipo, Korea, Republic of
  • home
    Bed and Breakfast
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    Standard 2
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    Max 3
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    Comfortable Korean-style homestay 10-min from downtown of Seogwipo-si
    by car and 15-min from Seogwipo-si and 50-min from Jeju city by public bus no.780 , which gives you experiences of real Jeju citizen's life.

    We provide very clean room, mattress and blankets, and Korean style breakfast.
    * Room A : PC, wifi, TV, Refrigeration, Air-condition, Boilin pot,
    Washing room is placed between Room A and Room B.

    Very convenient sights :
    - walking "Olle" 6/7 course
    - Mt Halla Sungpanak course 20-min by 516-bus, Donnaeko course 5-min
    bu car.
    - Joonmoon tour complex, and other many tour sights within 30-min by car.

    Doing our best for our guest's comfortable and relaxing stay!

    Summary of Olle 6-course :
    Soesokkak ---> Oedolgae Olle
    14km (4~5hrs)

    This route starts from the Soesokkak estuary, to explore the local life of Seogwipo city, with making its way to Lee, Jung-Seop. (Painter 1916-opportunities to visit salt makers or Lee, Jung1956) Street in the center of Seogwipo city, and seob’s residence. The forest on the route is home then on past Cheonjiyeon Pokpo(waterfall) 천지연폭포 to to five plant species that are registered as natural Oedolgae Rock. This route is known as a cultural treasures. This route is popular for beginners as it is and ecological trail route. Walkers get a chance relatively easy and can be completed comfortably.


    Soesokkak 쇠소깍
    Fresh water meets sea water at Soesokkak and creates a breath taking sight. You can ride the “Tewoo” log raft that floats on Soesokkak. It goes round in a loop and may be the slowest moving transportation in the world. It takes 40-50 minutes to travel across the valley on the “Tewoo” log raft and the fare is 5,000won.

    Sogeummak 소금막
    It is a place where salt was produced and stored by boiling sea water in the days when salt was considered very valuable. There used to be barracks for soldiers who guarded the salts from theft.

    Jejigi Oreum 제지기오름
    One can enjoy the view of Sup-seom(island). It’s the closest viewpoint on the whole of Jeju Island.

    Gudumi 구두미
    The name ‘Gudumi’ comes from the shape of the region, which resembles a turtle’s head (Gudumi) and tail (Gudumi). The water here is abundant with fresh seafood, and the land is comprised of rich farmlands and bedrocks.

    Sojeongbang Pokpo (Waterfall) 소정방폭포
    This five meter high waterfall is just 500 meters east of Jeongbang Falls. This waterfall is smaller, but very popular with visitors who wish to stand underneath the falling water. Its small size also adds to the friendly and safe atmosphere.

    Lee, Jung-seop Museum 이중섭박물관
    Painter Lee, Jung-seop (1916-1956) is one of the most famous modern painters in Korea. He had a great passion for painting and took refuge here during the Korean War (1950-1953). The museum has been built next to his old home. Going into his house you will find yourself moved by his tragic life and artistic spirit.

    Cheonjiyeon Gijeong-gil (pathway on the cliffs) 천지연 기정길
    The path runs through exquisite sceneries of strange rock formations and cliffs, as well as dense subtropical evergreens of the Cheonjiyeon Valley. The valley was designated as a nature preserve area. Gijeong means ‘cliff’ in the Jeju dialect.

    Oedolgae Rock 외돌개
    This was formed by volcanic activity at the same time as Jeju Island about 1.5 million years ago. The 20 meter stone pillar “Oedolgae” stands out and you can see a group of pine trees that grow at the very top of the pillar. Oedolgae was named for its isolated location in the sea and is unmissable spot. Take a look at the wonderful colors of the sea and the beautiful forest.

    June 10 Democratic Movement Monument Stone in Seogwipo
    A monumental stone that commemorates the June 10 1987 protest for democracy in Seogwipo, the southernmost city of the Korean Peninsula. It was recorded as a meaningful resistance to oppression, since Seogwipo was a small city without universities. The stone is located on the playgrounds of the Maeil Olle Market in Seogwipo.

    Olle 7-course
    Oedolgae Rock ---> Wolpyung port
    about 15km, 4~5 hours

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    done Air conditioning
    done Fan
    done Window in the room
    done Breakfast options
    done Heating
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    done Hair Dryer
    done Free WiFi
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    • Img_1934_1_ Agatha

      Mr Goh (Gabriel) & Rosa, are genuinely warm, kind and helpful. From the moment we reached till the last day we left, he took great care of us. Rosa (his wife) doesnt speak english, but she made sure to call Gabriel to speak to us when we arrived on the first day. to find out what food we like to eat and where we wanna sight-see etc then they will write down on paper so that we can show to the taxi driver. and the food places that she and Gabriel recommends is to die for. its super yummy! They make sure we never go hungry nor bored.
      Although their house was a distance from the town center, I enjoyed every minute of our stay here. Rosa kept the room spotless! and very cosy. we slept on ondol beds which i folded in the mornings when we woke up.

      and when we go back in the evenings, she already layed the bed so neatly for us to rest. this is my very first time sleeping on ondol bed, and we are loving it! we had very good nights sleep every night.
      Gabriel, will ask about places of interest and he will suggest and offer really good advise of things like where to go, what to eat etc.
      my younger daughter misses Rosa's breakfast so much!

      we had issues as my daughter left her wallet, phone etc in a cab. Altough i am back in SG for 2 weeks now, Even as we speak, Gabriel is still helping us to recover out lost items! he even called us on when we arrived in seoul after Jeju to enquire after my well-being. As I had indigestion in the morning before we left Jeju.
      I cannot thank this wonderful couple enough for their kindness! Will definitely stay in Rosa again in future!

      P.s. if you guys have intention of going to Jeju and are first timers, I suggest you booked Gabriel in advance if you want him to bring you around for sight-seeing. he charges around 150,000 won which is the same price if we book a taxi for a days trip. and the plus point is... Gabriel speaks english! and if you decide to book Gabriel after you arrived there, you will be disappointed. He is a very busy man! but i am certain you would not regret it.

      grade grade grade grade grade

    • User_pic-68x68 Yoon Jeong Lee

      Rosa B&B was a cozy, well-equipped and clean place to stay. First of all, the meal for guests was so fantastic.

      grade grade grade grade grade

    • User_pic-68x68 Yee Siang

      If you would like to experience living in Jeju like a local, by all means, try out this place. Rosa Imo (Rosa Auntie) and Imobu (Uncle) have provided accommodation in their fully-equipped house built originally for their children who are now in Seoul. They live in another detached house a few metres away from where we were staying at.

      Upon reaching Rosa BnB, they sat down with us to help plan out our itinerary. We felt really thankful as they gave us so much advice from what to eat, where to go and how to go. If you are still troubled as to what you would wanna do at Jeju, they might just be the best people to help!

      On the first night, Imobu entertained us with renditions of famous classic hits on his harmonica (he plays it so impressively well) along with Rosa Imo's delicious home-made Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi pancakes) and Ssal Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine).

      They provide a one-day service of bringing you around Jeju island at an affordable fee of 150,000 krw. Imobu speaks English so he explained some of the places of interest to us. They also have a 10-seater which makes it much more worth the money if you have a large group travelling.

      The accomodation was extremely satisfying as they have a fast and easily detactable Wifi hotspot on, a desktop for us to log on to facebook and we also managed to watch a Korean movie on it! One of the rooms is equipped with a basin so it is really convenient if washing needs to be done.

      All in all, it was a Daebak (wonderful) experience! :)

      On a side note, we realised that there were not many foreigners who have stayed in this guesthouse (mostly Koreans travelling from other parts of Korea) but fret not, they are really nice to us foreigners too! :)

      grade grade grade grade grade

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