Here are some advantages of booking through BnBHero


Explore homes globally

Search listings where you plan to travel and communicate host to find if the place is what you search and the host is like-minded person.

BnBHero protects you

We transfer the money to the host 24 hours after you check in, so if anything goes wrong beforehand, we can immediately refund your payment in full

Look for value-for-money

You can check price, location, amenity and mind of hosts as well. Compare the overall value to those of hotel rooms. You always find the outstanding value for money.

Here’s a few more reasons to get started


Free listings

It’s entirely free to create as many listings as you want. This way you can offer your idling properties as guest houses to travelers worldwide.

We protect you

As an organizer you don’t have to worry about cancellations. You can choose one between two types cancellation policies. When you choose the strict, you get 50% of the money if a cancellation from a booker occurs more than 1 week in advance. You get paid in full for cancellations within 1 week prior to the check-in date. In case of the moderate, you get 50% of the money for cancellations within 1 week prior to the check-in date.

Fair deal

We take care of money transaction fees, customer support, refunds, marketing, and more. In return we take a small service fee of 5% from the host as credit card commission.

Simple & hassle-free

Setting up an account and creating a listing just takes 10 minutes. Its so easy Even our moms could do it (and they did)


Increase your success by having your customers create recommendations for Your listings. This will also help you when you create new listings.