Partnership Program

Does your website or blog focus on travel? Do you have a website with listings of accommodations or activities? Join us as a partner. For every guest and host you introduce, we will give you back portion of fees that we receive. For websites with listings, we provide interface and process to cross-list. Contact us to find our more!


We will reward you 20% of BnBHero commission on guest and host referrals on deals that has been made.

Access to our listings

Guests can get access to quality listings that is growing rapidly. We have built a solid relationship with our hosts Worldwide.

Access to our members

We constantly reach out to travelers Worldwide have built up a solid base of members.

Free to sign up

It is completely to free to sign up. We maintains your referrals and reward automatically for successful deals.

It is easy as cake

Please fill out the brief request form below. We will send you confirmation with information about our easy sign up.

In depth support

We are committed to our partners and will work with you to address your needs.

Partnership Tools


BnBHero provides standard as well as customized banners to fit your needs to drive traffic to BnBHero website.

Partner Dashboard

Partners can monitor performance through a special dashboard with details on individual transactions

BnBHero Standard API

If you have listings that you would like to promote in BnBHero website, we provide standard API to maintain listings in a programmatic way.

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